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Giving up Smoking, Nikki, Marketing Manager
I have been a smoker for 18 years and despite various attempts had never managed to knock the habit on the head. I came to see Helen for two hypnotherapy sessions and have not smoked since. The coping techniques and exercises you take away from your session have really helped stave off any cravings. Going to see Helen for me has been an absolute no-brainer.

Losing weight, Eileen, Office worker
Since coming to see Helen I have found it much easier to lose weight.
Since I was a little girl I have found it easy to put on weight and much harder to lose it! I discovered that diets don’t work, which is where hypnotherapy comes – it gives you the psychological boost to get started and begin a new lifestyle so that weight loss is not just for a few months but a lifetime change. The techniques Helen gave me helped me to hold on to my desire to lose weight and be the person I want to be.

Communication Skills, Izzie, PA
Just the right combination of a sympathetic ear and providing the tools to help me understand and deal with difficult situations and people. The coaching has helped me relieve immense work pressures, enabled me to re-prioritise things and given me back me!

Fear of Flying, Jeff, Cartoon Writer
This was really getting in the way of me running my life. Flying somewhere for work was an endurance test that I needed to prepare for weeks ahead, the trip itself was awful and I would arrive a nervous wreck! In my home life, the kids were beginning to notice that I either would put off family trips that involved flying or would be really stressed and snappy if we did go. I was especially concerned that they would start to take on my phobia – I had to do something! Helen taught me techniques I could do before and during the flight. They really calmed me down. Now, new work opportunities and exciting holidays are on the cards. I am so very grateful.

Low Self Esteem, David, Graphic Designer
I saw Helen several times for a number of issues that I’ve been struggling to deal with recently. First of all I felt completely relaxed and at ease throughout the sessions. Helen demonstrated several simple techniques to help me combat my fears and issues, all of which can be used at any time in any situation.  Since completing all my sessions I‘ve been much more positive and much happier. I feel I can deal with the situations that I previously found difficult and sometimes impossible.

Dealing with Pain, Lucinda, Google Product Manager
Helen’s strengths were enabling me to see aspects of my life in a different and more positive way. We discovered the root cause of dental fear was not just the pain and anxiety of the dentist, but built up stress over time that needed techniques to break a pattern. She was great at understanding certain issues that I didn’t believe someone else could. I came out of sessions feeling relaxed and assured. Support at the dentist through treatment has helped me to overcome my fear so next time I know it won’t be as bad as I anticipate. Training given on techniques to deal with stress and anxiety will now stay with me to help me through situations if they arise again.

Fear of Being Sick in Public, Matt, Engineer
Some 10 years ago I had been sick on a train after a night out. I was with my mates and felt so ashamed. After this I began to avoid going on a train and then it spread to buses and the tube. I tried cycling, but it took ages to get to work and I found it really stressful. Realising that I had developed over a time a phobia that was severely affecting my life, I went to see Helen and told her the whole story. Through hypnosis, she got me to ‘reframe’ – to see things differently - what happened so long ago. To be able to see that it did not define who I was (a wimp, I thought), who could not be trusted not to get into trouble, make a fool of myself, again and again. Now it was time to move on. I was also given ways of calming down I can use before I go out and while I am travelling, plus a personal de-stressing download. Now I am fine, and don’t need these techniques any more – it really is over. 

Dealing with Alcohol, Luke, PR Executive
Everything is going well, it has made a massive change. Some good examples:
Went out on Sunday to a band with a girl who wasn’t drinking. Where before I would have had 3 or 4 pints I only had 1, and didn't feel awkward not having a drink.
I still have 2 cans of beer in my fridge from buying 4 cans, they have now been in there for 3 weeks.
I have been to a couple of work functions and not had to worry about what I end up doing. I can remember everything I have said and done.
It has made such an impact, I really feel in control.

Personal/Business Blocks, Claudia, Life Coach & Trainer; Colours Expert
Helen helped me overcome some personal roadblocks that were impeding my journey as a business owner and on a personal level. She is highly skilled and works with great warmth and sensitivity, expertly getting you to where you want to go. Highly recommended.

Confidence, Sam, Accountant
I am very happy to recommend Dr Zarod. I attended some sessions with Dr Zarod for hypnotherapy and NLP coaching. They were very relaxing, informative, supportive, empowering and private. She made herself available to support me outside the sessions if I needed it and provided me with all the necessary resources for use at home, such as relaxation CD, NLP manual and other material. For the few sessions I had with her, the results were amazing and long term. I highly recommend her to anyone with issues that require practical, very quick and easy to learn solutions from a confident and comfortable professional. It was a real pleasure to work with her.

The Professional Hypnotherapist/Coach’s opinion, Tricia McBride
Helen is a very professional, proactive and excellent colleague. She is very reliable, has great rapport with delegates, adapting her material to suit the needs they have as well as those of the organisation. Feedback gained from course participants is always very good. We have had many discussions about hypnotherapy and I have always been impressed by her professional and caring approach. In either role the needs of the client are always paramount. I can whole-heartedly recommend her.


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