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Cognitive Hypnotherapy…
combines hypnosis (trance) with cutting edge research on how the brain works to facilitate changes that can enable clients to live the life they want. Trance is a natural state we go into when we are relaxed or on ‘auto-pilot’. The deeply relaxed client is receptive to new ideas as to how they can deal with difficulties from the past and make changes in the present that will ensure a different future. You remain in control at all times. Sessions last approximately 1 hour. Everyone is unique and the hypnotherapy will be tailor made for you. Some problems only need 1 or 2 sessions. Others can take up to 6 sessions to achieve a positive resolution, while some may take longer.

Clients will receive a personalised CD
in both Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions

Areas in which I specialise:

Stress, anxiety and fear, How to value yourself, Dealing with pain, Phobias, Giving up smoking, Having good relationships, Weight issues, Achieving personal goals, Dealing with anger and frustration, Sleep problems, Teaching self-hypnosis.

“I decided to try hypnotherapy to help me overcome extreme nerves and anxiety when presenting. I found the whole experience to be comfortable and relaxed (there was no swinging clock!)  I also found the discussion beforehand very useful as it helped me understand the process of how my nerves take over. Since being hypnotized I have found that I cope better with my nerves than I did in the past and I am more confident in myself in my day to day dealings with colleagues”.  M. Glynn, HR Project Manager

offers a catalytic opportunity in a time of enormous change and economic turbulence. Individuals and organizations can maximize their potential by tapping into the resources they already have and with the coach identify and deal with any obstacles that could prevent them from making their goals a reality. 
Coaching sessions are on a one to one basis and last between 1 to 3 hours. Their duration and the number of sessions required depend on the client’s needs. Some businesses set up group coaching workshops or combine individual and group work.
Coaching is not a temporary fix but a lifetime investment in changing what is not currently working. Since, “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”... why wait?

Areas in which I specialise:

Lack of confidence, Performance and motivation, Conflict resolution, Organisational change, Work crossroads: Preparing and Making academic/work choices, Returning to work after an absence, Redundancy, Retirement, Setting up and writing a Diversity policy and dealing with any subsequent issues, Managing stress, Creating a work/life balance, Goal mapping

“Helen is very personable and has an open and honest style which makes it easy to open up and trust her. She is intuitive and knows the right question to ask at the right time, with profound results. After just one coaching session with Helen I managed to overcome a problem which has been holding me back for over a year, with the result that I now have the confidence to succeed in the corporate world. I left the session flying high and with an enormous sense of peace”. C. Turnbull, Coaching Director


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